Preston Cox

Hi!  I’m Preston Cox. I live in Austin, Texas with my wife, Sarah, and our three dogs and cat in a 399 sq. ft tiny house.

My work consists of writing, coaching, marketing, and few other things. 

My newest project, A Big Little Something: An Illustrated Lovingkindness Meditation is available now!

What I'm up to

My Book


Check out my newly released children's book, A Big Little Something, an illustrated lovingkindness meditation for kids.

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Life Coaching


I am a certified life coach and offer life and spiritual coaching to anyone seeking growth and transformation in their life.

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Freelancing + Other Stuff


On the side, I work as a freelancer, podcaster, musician and itinerant speaker and pastor.

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My Book

A Big Little Something

The world could use a bit more love, kindness, and empathy. A Big Little Something is an illustrated, lovingkindness meditation for children that proves we all have a little something to give that can make a big difference in the world. Inspired by great teachers and authors like Sharon Salzberg, Mister Fred Rogers, Paige Britt and others, this book is a tool to guide the thoughts of children, encouraging them to think more deeply about themselves and those around them and across the world while offering words of kindness and well-being.

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A Big Little Something is available online, wherever books are sold. Click below to buy it from one of my favorite Austin bookshops, BookPeople.

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Life Coaching

Experience Growth and Transformation

In your life, faith, and work, I’m sure you are surrounded by many people you respect and trust who have helped you become the person that you are.  But you may be feeling that you want to take that knowledge and growth to the next level.

This is where coaching comes into play.

In coaching, we work on focusing your energy, accomplishing that life or work goal, or are seeking deeper growth in your faith in safe, judgement-free space. It is my role to help you commit to growth and transformation in your life and work.  But before you make the decision to get started, take a moment to look below at some of the things coaching is and isn’t to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

I have experience in ministry, spiritual direction and practice, business planning and strategy, goal setting, whatever you would like.

Coaching, whether about life, work, or faith, is all about you and your growth. As the client, you determine what needs to be done and how you plan on getting there.

Together we will name your goals and desires, consider your options, develop action steps, and help you move in the direction of


Types of Sessions and Cost

*Free 45 minute intro session

*1 hour sessions, at least 2x per month

*$50 per session

*Single sessions available

*Group sessions/presentations available

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Freelancing + Music + Speaking

Below are some of the side projects I've done in the past. Enjoy some free (or pay what you want) music, podcasts, sermons, and other things.

I also do some freelancing on the side as a blog writer, marketer, and social media planner.

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